• Launch of WASPA's 3rd Strategic Plan in Nairobi
    15th December, 2017
  • Corporate Governance & Leadership Training for WASPA Committee Members
    On 25th Jan 2018, in collaboration with SNV Kenya
  • Task group Chairs meeting on Data Validation held in Maji House on 2nd Feb, 2018
  • Speech from WASREB and Ministry of Water and Irrigation during WASPA's 15th year Anniversary.
    (Left) Eng. Robert Gakubia-CEO Wasreb
    (Right) Eng SAO Alima - Director Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Development, alongside WASPA Chairman Eng. Daniel Ngángá.

Welcome to Water Service Providers Association (WASPA)

Water Services Providers Association (WASPA), was registered in November, 2002 under the Societies Act (CAP 108), Laws of Kenya as an association of Water Services Providers (WSPA's) in the country. 

The enactment of the Water Act 2002 created new institutions (water companies) to manage water resources in Kenya. 
The Companies took over the provision of water and sewerage services from their respective municipal councils. This therefore placed the water companies at the leading edge to consolidate the knowledge and share experiences, the water services providers formed WASPA to provide a forum for the various companies to learn from each other. [Read More]

Vision 2030
The Water Services Providers (WSPs) of Kenya are facing many challenges before they can reach the demanded goals of the Vision 2030. Despite those difficulties, they are motivated and capable
SWAP-bfz Project
Strengthening Water Association Project-bfz is a partnership project between the Training and Development Centre of the Bavarian Employers Associations of Bavarian Employers (bfz)
Good Practices Award
In 2012, WASPA embarked on an intensive utility-led ‘peer-to-peer’ benchmarking programme –supported by Vitens Evides International (VEI), VEWIN (WASPA counterpart in

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P.O Box 25642-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
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WASPA Strategic Plan      [Download Here]

WASPA Constitution         [Download Here]

Subscription Notice         [Download Here]


Download Resources

Technical Guideline for Water Meter Mngt [Download Here]

Good Practices Awards Workshop Report [Download Here]

Performance Enhancement of Water Utilities [Download Here]